Assistive technology

Low vision reader

The Bob Prittie Metrotown Branch of Burnaby Public Library has an adaptive technology terminal dedicated for use by patrons with disabilities. The workstation has special software installed, including ZoomText (a screen magnifier), NVDA (a screen reader) and On-Screen Keyboard (a virtual keyboard). The terminal may be booked for 45 minutes by patrons with disabilities. Please call 604-436-5400 to make a booking or to ask any questions.

The branch also has a low-vision reader located on the second floor. The reader magnifies pages onto an adjustable 19-inch LCD monitor, with magnification from 2.4x to 77x. Pages can be displayed in full colour, black and white, and a variety of dual-colour modes.

Questions? Phone us at 604-436-5400 or email us, and our staff will be happy to assist you.