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Home buying and inspection | Real estate listings and market trends | Mortgage loans | Co-ops and subsidized housing | Renting a property

Home buying and inspection

Provides up-to-date information to consumers on housing policies and programs and access to a wide variety of affordable housing.

This website allows easy access to the public if they are looking for information about home inspections or seeking a home inspector.

This website provide the consumer protection information for the residential construction industry. It includes information about the owner builder exam which is required when an owner is building their own home without the use of a project manager.

The Real Estate Council of British Columbia website provides information about real estate regulations and policies to individuals interested in obtaining and maintaining a license and working in real estate sales, rental and strata property management.

Real estate listings and market trends

Assessments and Sales by Address is a free, online service that enables BC property owners to audit their assessments by comparing the value of their property to others in their neighbourhood.

Buyers and sellers can search for online listings for properties, lots, realtors and other current housing information provided by the Canadian Real Estate association.

A website for consumers to get information on the Canadian mortgage market, and compare and find the right lending institution.

Tantalis is an internal B.C. goverment database application used to record rights, interests and encumbrances on Crown land under the legislative requirements of the Land Act. The software Microsoft Silverlight must be downloaded for access to the database.

Find surplus federal government properties for sale to the general public.

The CLSlink website provides access to commercial properties in BC. In addition to buying and selling, it provides information on leasing a property and articles, and news about commercial real estate.

Allows buyers and seller to post and search for current properties in Canada. Search for commercial properties, real estate statistics and news. For market listings in the Fraser Valley, consult the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board’s website.

Mortgage loans

The Canadian Bankers Association’s website provides detailed information on purchasing a new home and steps to finance your purchase.

The MBABC education center website, provides access to mortgage brokers in BC and educates members as well as the public about mortgage brokers and options while looking for a broker. Also has a mortgage calculator on its website.

 MoneySense My Money has calculators and tools to calculate and compare mortgage  payments and loans. Also provides information on home renovations and buying and selling real estate.

Co-ops and subsidized housing

Provides information on seniors rent supplements, wide selection of social housing options & provides rent assistance to seniors and low-income families.

Includes a directory of co-ops currently accepting new co-op members. Also, links to downloadable forms and information on how to apply for co-op housing.

A list of licensed facilities from Burnaby to Hope for adult care provided by the Fraser Health Authority of BC.

Renting a property

Apartment rentals in the Lower Mainland including Burnaby are listed on this website. Landlords and Renters can post and search for rental information on this website.

Includes apartment rental availability in Burnaby and other GVRD cities as well tips on moving, rental application forms, etc.

Landlords and property managers can list rental units for a period of 30 days on the RentBC website and renters can search a comprehensive listing of rental units available in BC.

A provincial government website that provides information on legislation and rules for both landlords and tenants, forms, publications, fees, disputes resolutions and settlements.

TRAC is a non-profit society that provides information about residential tenancy law in BC and is also an advocacy site for tenants in BC.

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