Review the links below for recommended reads for the genre of your choice.

Find adventure with survival books; whether surviving spies and espionage or the forces of nature. Click here for a complete list of adventure titles.

Contemporary Fiction
Contemporary reads from around the world. Click here for a complete list of general ficiton titles.

Historical reads
Historic fiction and biographies set around the world in chapter book and graphic novel formats.

Ghosts, malevolent spirits, and other undead terrors will keep you up with fright! Click here for a complete list of horror titles.

Contemporary, biography and Youtuber titles that will keep you laughing.

Murdered and missing people are mysterious cases for detectives, police, and clever teens. Click here for a complete list of mystery titles.

Contemporary, humorous, heartbreaking, and dystopian reads of falling in love. Click here for a complete list of romance titles.

Science Fiction/Fantasy
Magic and science meld together with these hand selected titles. You will find fairy tale retellings, aliens, high-fantasy, and dystopian reads in this list. Click here for a complete list of Science Fiction/Fantasy titles.