Teen Magazines at BPL

All four branches at Burnaby Public Library features a teen section where you'll find a variety of magazines suitable for Teens.  Below is a list of our current magazines and where you'll find them.

Teen Magazines

Boys Life - Bob Prittie Metrotown, McGill, Tommy Douglas
J-14 - all 4 branches 
Justine - all 4 branches
- all 4 branches
Mental Floss - all 4 branches
Otaku USA - Bob Prittie Metrotown, Tommy Douglas
Seventeen - all 4 branches
Teen Vogue - all 4 branches
Thrasher - Bob Prittie Metrotown, McGill
Tiger Beat - all 4 branches
Transworld - Tommy Douglas
X-Box - Bob Prittie Metrotown, McGill, Cameron

There are many other magazines in the children's and adult section of the library that may interest teens, such as Bicycling, Entertainment Weekly, Guitar Player, InStyle, National Geographic, PC Gamer, Popular Mechanics, and Yoga Journal.

If you have any recommendations or feedback about BPL's teen collection, please contact Cristina, Teen Services Librarian at 604-297-4803, or send us an email.