Teen Services at BPL

Welcome to Teen Services at BPL! We offer a range of services and programs for teens in grades 8 to 12 throughout the year. Our pages here are decorated with fun and creative works of art made by Burnaby teens in our Julia's Studio programs offered every summer.

Please use the links below or on the left menu to navigate though our teen resources and information about the library.

Programs and Contests

Details about all our Teen programs throughout the year.

Teen Reading

Our collection of links and resources to help you find your next teen read! Booklists, award winners--they're all in here.

We Recommend

Our specially selected Teen Reads we feature weekly on the BPL Teen site.

Teen collections at the library

E-books, downloadable audiobooks, graphic novels and manga, magazines and more.

Career and personal planning

Information on volunteer, post-secondary, community activism, and employment.

Homework Help

Curated links to help you navigate study help, research and writing help, and links to your school library websites.