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Full text of current vehicle safety and inspection standards and related BC legislation.


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The online city bylaws include the Burnaby zoning bylaw, expenditure bylaws from 1999- , and alphabetically-arranged regulatory bylaws.To look up older Burnaby bylaws from 1892 to the present go to the Heritage Burnaby site .

British Columbia

The Queen’s Printer for BC provides free, online consolidations of BC statutes and regulations that are updated continually as new laws come into force.

Full text of the  BC Building Code, Fire Code and BC Plumbing Services (Part 7 of the BC Building Code).

A one-stop site for BC legal information with sections on solving legal problems by topic, finding legal help and learning about the law. Dial-A-Law scripts are included under the topics in Solve Problems. Court rules forms and self-help guides  are available with court forms for family and civil  cases (including small claims) . Contributors include Law Foundation of BC, Legal Services Society and People's Law School. 

Search judgements from Provincial Court, Supreme Court and Court of Appeal cases.  Self-help guidebooks for litigants representing themselves are also available.

A service of People's Law School  that provides a starting point for information on the law in British Columbia.Topics include consumers and money, work and business, families and children, courts and crime. You can also send a question via message function.

The Legal Services Society provides information on divorce and separation, custody and support, family violence,adoption and child protection.

Lawyer JP Boyd answers questions on family law, divorce law and the court process in British Columbia. Forms can be
found at the end of the book with some examples to use as models.

Find addresses, phone numbers and practise status of Law Society of BC members.

Legal Services Society (LSS),BC's legal aid provider,  has created an interactive site to 
 help people deal with everyday legal issues for legal problems concerning separation,divorce,
family violence, missed mortgage payments  , wills and personal planning. Pathways are
customized to your circumstances and may take 10-20 minutes to complete.

Nidus is a non-profit resource centre that provides information on personal
planning documents including  Representation Agreement, Enduring Power
of Attorney, Advance Directive, Advance Care Plan/Living Will. Site includes
free simple Representation Agreement Form.Charges may apply for some
services, including registering your documents.


This site encompasses links to the Statutes and Regulations for the government of Canada , the provinces and the territories.  It also includes selected federal and provincial case law and noteworthy legal documents.

The Federal Court database includes court decisions of the Federal Court and the Federal Court of Appeal. The page also links to decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada and the Tax Court of Canada.

Canada Law Book’s Canadian Law List is a  comprehensive directory of Canadian lawyers  which is searchable by name, law firm or organization, area of practice, address, city, telephone number, postal code and email address.

International laws and treaties

All types of treaties between Canada and other nations including extradition, taxation and trade.

FindLaw is a Thomson Reuters product which includes an American directory of lawyers, state laws, legal topics, a legal dictionary and a selection of online legal consumer books.

This is an international legal directory founded by a large network of independent law firms. It includes law and government resources by country

Find a lawyer by name, type of practice, or other category in most areas of the world

Provides the full-text of World Trade Organisation (WTO) agreements, NAFTA, and other regional and bilateral agreements, as well as decisions and reports of NAFTA and WTO panels which Canada is a party to.  Also includes links to other international organisations and treaties.

A free, non-profit global legal research facility that gathers many world legal databases including legislation, case law, treaties, law reform reports and law journals.

Legal help

This is a list of toll-free phone numbers and sites for legal information, self-help, and legal advice and representation.

Research resources include subject and how to guides, a collection of  hard-to-find answers to legal research questions and a law library.

No lawyer? Get help here to prepare your Supreme Court family or civil case.

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