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Recycling facilities and services | Environmental awareness

Recycling facilities and services

An online listing of classifieds that lets you sell, give away and trade electronic products you no longer want or use.

Find information about garbage collection schedules, updated recycling and disposal regulations. The Resources and Links page has annual garbage and recycling reports and offers tips for green living.

ERA is a Calgary-based, non-profit organization that accepts and collects donations of used and old computers, laptops and other IT equipment. Please call and check out their current Vancouver depot locations on their website if you have old electronics lying around you wish to get rid of responsibly.

This is a non-profit stewardship program that provides information and resources on recycling programs for beverage containers, electronics and milk containers. Do a quick search by your address to find out where you can return these materials.

This is formed by the Post Consumer Pharmaceutical Stewardship Association (PCPSA). You can find information and resources regarding the safe disposal of prescription and non-prescription drugs, vitamin and mineral supplements and herbal medications.

Use the toll-free Recycling Hotline to help you with questions about recycling and waste disposal options and try out the handy Recyclepedia, a search tool that helps you find out where and how to recycle a certain material.

Environmental awareness

This is a great site where you can learn about key environmental issues affecting the world and how we can take part as individuals and as a community in bringing about positive change toward a sustainable way of life.

Use this as the main gateway to find comprehensive information and resources on all major topics dealing with the environment. You can search for documents in English or French, find daily weather forecasts, information about acts and regulations, as well as hands-on resources to help you get started.

A local non-profit organization committed to promoting a sustainable urban environment, SPEC gives helpful information on everyday environmental topics. Search the directory in its Greenpages for topics ranging from air care to water conservation.

You can access wide ranging resources pertaining to major topics, get free RSS feeds to news, multimedia content, and find downloadable periodicals and newsletters. There are also specific resources for people working for the government, scientists, as well as children and youth.

Find out about UNESCO-led initiatives, news and programs on water. You can also use the website as an entry point to easily locate other useful water-related sites and organizations in its Water Links and Water Events pages.

One of the world's largest independent organizations focused on biodiversity and conservation, use this site to find current news in the media and resources to learn about biodiversity, environmental sustainability and how you can take action in the community you live.

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