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Financial calculators

Not only calculates the latest exchange rate between two currencies, updated by the minute, but also provides a graph of the history of each rate for up to twelve months.  Additional information about each currency is given, including its denominations and images of its coins and notes.

Choose from a variety of Canadian financial tools including a Personal Loan Calculator, a Mortagage Qualifier and a Mortgage Loan Calculator, Mortgage Comparisons, an Education Savings Calculator and a Retirement Planning Calculator.

Provides a choice of currencies and graphical outputs.

Convert any currency in the world against another and get the current rate. Choose from more than 180 currencies in over 250 geographical locations.

Measurement converters

Converts a huge variety of basic units of measurement, both modern and ancient Greek and Roman.

Describes modern and historical - and some quite unusual - scales and units of measurement from around the world.

Describes the different systems of measurement in use around around the world today, as well as some historical ones.  Provides a history of each system, a definition of each of its units of measurement, their conventions of usage and prefixes, and conversion tables between different systems and units.

Convert any common or archaic measurement, from liquor volume to buckshot weight, from space distances to particle sizes.

Gives the latest values for fundamental physics constants, conversion factors for energy equivalents, and background information on constants.

Dates, time and distance

Provides a weekly list of forecast astronomical events visible from North America - eclipses, planetary movements, etc.

The Virtual Planetarium from Chabot Space & Science Center further provides detailed descriptions of each astronomical event, a daily stardome, and a gallery of astrophotographs.

Find the travel distance between two BC communities.  Results include metric and imperial distances and the time required driving at varying speeds, plus the amount of fuel needed and estimated total fuel cost based on your vehicle's performance.  Distance charts for the whole province from one community are also available.

The provincial government's distance calculator includes brief route information.

Claculates direct distances between places - primarily in the US but many Canadian and international places are also included.

For any month, and any four-digit year between 0001-9999.

Descriptions of the ancient Egyptian, Hebrew, Roman, Julian, Gregorian, Islamic, Persian, Mayan and other calendars, with a calculator to convert dates between the different calendars.  For an index of other online, specialized calendars and converters, see Calendar Zone.

Searchable time and date calendars from around the world, plus sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset, and more. Includes lists of holidays.  Calendars can be customized to count down to or from significant dates.

Features a map of the world showing all time zones, maps of individual time zones, a sun map showing which parts of the Earth are currently in daylight/darkness, a list of which countries and regions are currently on daylight savings, and the local time for countries and major regions.

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