Paper Bag Pickup

We’re excited to offer Paper Bag Pickup! While we're closed during COVID-19, you can order library items and safely pick them up at your preferred BPL branch. We’ll check out your items to you and bag them ahead of your arrival. Paper Bag Pickup is available at our four branches, Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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Placing an order

How do I order items?

Placing an order is the same as placing a hold:

  1. Search items in our library catalogue, or call 604-436-5400.
  2. When you've found the item you want, select Place a hold.
  3. Enter your library card number and PIN, and choose your branch pickup location.

If you’ve opted for email or phone notices, you'll be notified when your order is ready. Call your branch phone number in the message and a staff member will arrange a pickup time with you.

I need help with finding items / getting a library card / reading recommendations!

We're here to help! Email or call us at 604-436-5400, Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. We can also put together a personalized order and contact you when it’s ready for pickup.

How many items can I request? Or borrow?

You can request and borrow up to 25 items. Burnaby residents can also borrow ten additional e-book and audiobooks on your Library to Go account. Get even more titles and save yourself a trip to the library!

Can I request items from other libraries?

Only items from Burnaby Public Library are available for ordering. Items from other libraries (interlibrary loans) can’t be delivered to us at this time.

Picking up your order

How do I pick up my order?

  1. Arrive at your BPL pickup location at your scheduled time and follow the signs to the pickup area.
  2. Let us know your last name, and last four digits of your libary card number.
  3. Staff will bring your order out, call your name, and place your bagged items on the table. Please wait until staff have stepped away from the table before picking up your bag.

Do I need to bring my library card, identification or email confirmation?

We only need your last name, and last four digits of your library card number when you arrive. We won't need to scan your library card since your items will be checked out to your account prior to pickup.

Can someone else pick up my order for me?

Absolutely! A family member or friend can pick up your order. They'll just need to give us your last name, and last four digits of your library card number when they arrive at your scheduled time.  

Returning your items

When are my items due?

The due date for all borrowed items is August 31, and we’ll keep extending the due date while our branches are closed. Nothing is due until we can fully reopen, and there are no late fees!

How do I return items?

Drop your items through our return slots near the entrance of each branch, Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. To support physical distancing and reduce handling of items by our staff, we can’t accept returns at the pickup area.

Can I return items from other libraries?

Just Burnaby Public Library items, please! There is no delivery between library systems at this time. Check with the owning library for return guidelines.

I returned my items, why are they still on my account?

We quarantine all returned items for 72 hours before we remove them from your account. There are no late fees on quarantined items.


We’re taking safety precautions guided by information from Fraser Health and the City of Burnaby Occupational Health and Safety. Here’s what we’re doing:

  • Quarantining all returned items for 72 hours before we make them available to borrow,
  • Implementing physical distancing measures at all pickup locations,
  • Making all pickups contact-free.

What you can do:

  • Limit your orders and pickups to once per week to support physical distancing, 
  • Stay home if you or any member of your household is feeling sick. You can suspend your order and reschedule a pickup time you’re well again.

COVID-19 is challenging us all in various ways. We’re handling library items differently, it takes longer to move items to and between our branches, and we understand that it’s not always possible to return your items when you had planned. We’d like to thank everyone who uses the library for their understanding, too. Be kind, be calm and be safe!

We’re looking forward to fully reopening once procedures and equipment are in place to ensure staff and public staff safety. Stay up to date with our latest service updates during COVID-19.