Getting started with OneClickdigital

OneClickdigital allows you to listen to audiobooks on a computer, Android or Apple device, MP3 player, or internet browser. This guide covers:

Borrowing overview | System and device requirements | Instructions | Frequently asked questions

Borrowing overview

  • Access: at home with a BPL card and an account with RBDigital*
  • Checkout period: may be customized up to 21 days
  • Number of checkouts: 10
  • Number of renewals: 1
  • Renewal period: 7 days
  • Number of holds: 5
  • Return early: yes

*First time users of the library's OneClickdigital collection will need to create an account with the vendor, RBDigital. Steps to register are included with the instructions below.

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System and device requirements

OS: Vista or higher
Software: OneClick Media Manager. iTunes is required for iPod transfer.

OS X: 10.7 (“Lion”) or higher
Software: OneClick Media Manager. iTunes is required for iPod transfer.

Android phone or tablet
OS: 2.3.3 or higher
OneClickdigital app (Google Play Store)

Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch
iOS: 5.1.1 or higher
OneClickdigital app (App Store)

MP3 players and other iPod models
Most major MP3 players (i.e. Sansa, Zen, Walkman) and newer iPod models are supported. The market for audio devices keeps changing, so if you cannot transfer an audiobook to a device after following the instructions below, contact us and we can verify with OneClickdigital if yours is compatible with the collection.

At this time, only non-protected audiobooks downloaded to your computer can be transferred to an MP3 player. Learn how to find and transfer non-protected audiobooks in the instructions below based on your computer and audio device. 

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Windows PC
Borrow and download to Windows PC | Transfer from Windows PC to MP3 player | Transfer from Windows PC to iPod

Borrow and download to Mac | Transfer from Mac to iPod | Transfer from Mac to MP3 player

Android phone or tablet
Borrow and download to Android devices

Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch
Borrow and download to Apple devices

OneClickdigital website (no download required, wifi strongly recommended)
Borrow and stream online [PDF]

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Frequently asked questions

Can I listen to audiobooks on multiple computers and/or devices?

OneClickdigital audiobooks can be downloaded to or streamed from as many computers as you would like, but titles downloaded to specific computers stay on that computer. A title can be downloaded multiple times but only transferred to two different devices.

Are there any e-books available in the OneClickdigital collection? How do I access them?

Our subscription is primarily for audiobooks, although there is a limited selection of classics literature available. You'll need to download Adobe Digital Editions and authorize with your Adobe ID to read OneClickdigital e-books on your computer or transfer to an eReader. To see if your eReader is compatible with Adobe Digital Editions, please refer to this list of supported devices. To read e-books on your smartphone or tablet, install the OneClickdigital eReader app from your device's app store (Google Play Store or App Store).  

What are protected files? Why can't I transfer protected files to my MP3 player?

Protected files are typically in WMA format, encrypted with digital rights management (DRM), and can only be accessed using Windows Media Player, a Microsoft product. Due to Microsoft's decision to no longer support DRM encryption, protected OneClickdigital titles can no longer be transferred from the OneClickdigital Media Manager to an MP3 player. You can still listen to protected titles three ways: in the OneClickdigital Media Manager on your computer, streamed from our OneClickdigital website, or through the OneClickdigital eAudio Player app on Apple and Android devices.

I need additional support!

Try OneClickdigital's help page for detailed help and video tutorials, or contact us for troubleshooting questions.

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