French immersion

Databases: in French

Encyclopædia Universalis Junior
Encyclopædia Universalis Junior includes articles on a wide array of topics such as history, geography, science and technology. French-language students are challenged with progressively more complex vocabulary. Includes images and media to facilitate comprehension.
Access: Available in the library and at home with your BPL card.

Animated talking picture books in French (look for the "language learning" button or the "playlist" button to hear books read out loud).
Access: In the library and at home with your BPL card.

Websites: learning French

Open School French 5/6
Links for Grade 5 and 6 French - BC curriculum from 2007.

Websites: in French

Up to Ten
Games and activities for children up to 10 years old. Bilingual. Requires Adobe Flash.

Zone Jeunesse
French version of CBC4Kids.