Information in Gujarati

Selected links to language resources and other information for Burnaby families in Gujarati.

Stories, rhymes and songs

Gujarati Rhymes and Songs
These rhymes have been transliterated.

Help your child get ready to read

Borrow from the library

Your Home Language: Foundation for Success (DVD in Gujarati)
Children who have a strong foundation in their home language do better at school. This DVD demonstrates family-based language activities to encourage children's language development and success at school.


Playing With Your Baby [PDF in Gujarati]
Play is the main way that babies and toddlers learn about the world. With your help, it's also a wonderful way to support their language development. National Literacy Trust.

Say Hello to Your New Baby [PDF in Gujarati]
Talking to your baby from day one will help the two of you get to know each other, and gives your child a great start in life.  These quick tips will help you enjoy "conversations" with your baby right from the start.  National Literacy Trust.

Sharing Books With Your Baby [PDF in Gujarati]
Sharing books is a wonderful way to help your child learn to talk, and it's the ideal opportunity to share a cuddle at the same time. National Literacy Trust.

Sharing Songs and Rhymes [PDF in Gujarati]
Babies love songs and rhymes, especially hearing the sound of your voice. And they're a great way to help your child's talking and listening skills. National Literacy Trust

Talking With Your Baby [PDF in Gujarati]
Learning to talk is one of the most important and complex skills your child will accomplish. National Literacy Trust.

Your first language

Your First Language: A Precious Gift to Your Child [PDF in Gujarati]
You help your child's language development when you speak in Gujarati.  Learn why in this one-page BPL handout.

Public library services

BPL Welcome to Your Library [PDF in Gujarati]
An introduction to library services for families with young children.

Parenting and child development

Making a Difference [PDF in Gujarati]
Information about milestones and healthy development from birth to age six.  Source: Ontario Early Years.