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Follow along with Lucia Fabiola Castillo as she teaches us two songs in Spanish: The Chicks Say and Pimpon.

Meet Lucia Fabiola Castillo
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Learn the song Pimpon
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Meet Lucia Fabiola Castillo

Lucia Fabiola Castillo Tord came to Canada four years ago from Lima, Peru. She worked for over 20 years in Peru as a librarian and now works as a librarian for Burnaby Public Library. Lucia presents Parent-Child Mother Goose programs in Spanish for Vancouver Public Library and finds teaching songs and rhymes a "delightful enjoyment."

The Chicks Say

This popular lullabye has been sung for generations throughout Latin America. It is one of the very first songs Spanish-speaking children learn to sing.

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Los Pollitos Dicen
Los pollitos dicen
Pío, pío, pío
Cuando tienen hambre
Cuando tienen frío
La gallina busca el maíz y el trigo
Les de la comida
Y les presta abrigo
Bajo sus dos alas acurrucaditos
Duermen los pollitos
Hasta el otro día

The Chicks Say
The chicks say
Peep, peep, peep
When they are hungry
When they are cold
The hen looks for corn and wheat
She gives them food
And gives them shelter
Huddled up under her wings
The chicks sleep
Until the next day


This song about a doll named Pimpon is popular throughout all of Latin America. Always sung to the same tune, the words vary regionally. For example, the second line is frequently sung as "con manos de cartón" ("with cardboard hands").

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Pimpón es un muñeco
Alegre y jugetón
Se lava la carita
Con agua y con jabón

Se desenreda el pelo
Con peine de marfíl
Y aunque se de estirones
No llora, ni hace así
(frotar los ojos)

Pimpón dame la mano
Con un fuerte apretón
Que quiero ser tu amigo
Pimpón, Pimpón, Pimpón

Y cuando las estrellas
Empiezan a caer
Pimpón se va a la cama
Pimpón se va a dormir

Pimpon is a doll
Happy and playful
He washes his face
With water and soap

He untangles his hair
With an ivory comb
And although he doesn't like it
He neither cries nor goes like this
(rubbing his eyes)

Pimpon give me your hand
With a strong grasp
I want to be your friend
Pimpon, Pimpon, Pimpon

And when the stars
Start to come out
Pimpon goes to bed
Pimpon goes to sleep

Learn about the language and culture through information and stories

Spanish is spoken in Spain, the Americas, and Africa. It’s the third most widely spoken language in the world. Did you know that Spanish has given English the words alligator (el lagarto), mosquito (mosquito), and potato (patata)?

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