Embracing Diversity: More songs and rhymes

Here are international collections of songs and rhymes available online and in books and CDs.

Embracing Diversity: your videos

Embracing Diversity: Your Songs and Rhymes
This channel on the video-sharing site Vimeo features songs and rhymes performed by people who were inspired by our Embracing Diversity project. Your contributions are welcome! Add your own video
New rhymes from 2014 in Portuguese, French, Gujerati, Mandarin, Cantonese, Punjabi and Spanish

International collections online

Mama Lisa's World
An extensive collection of children's songs and rhymes from around the world.

Multilingual Mother Goose
Families learn many songs in many languages in this video of a program at Chappaqua Library.

It's a Small World: International Nursery Rhymes 
The companion website to the book My Village (see above) includes many rhymes not found in the book.

Multicultural Rhymes [PDF]
Rhymes from around the world, compiled by the Toronto Public Library. Some rhymes are presented in the original language.

Songs for Teaching
This commercial site includes the lyrics or sound clips for songs in French, Spanish, and Chinese. Many of the songs were written to teach the language, but some are traditional.

Hello World
Songs in many languages sung by native speakers. Most of the audio content is available only to paying subscribers, but lyrics can be accessed free of charge.

International collections in books and CDs

These international collections of books and CDS include a wide range of children's games, songs, rhymes and lullabies from many different cultures and in a variety of languages.

For books and CDs that feature a single language, choose a country from the list on the Country and cultural information page, then see the Stories and Rhymes section.