Embracing Diversity: Add your own video

We encourage you to share the songs and rhymes you know by creating your own videos, then adding them to the Embracing Diversity: Your Songs and Rhymes channel on Vimeo, a video sharing site.

Instructions for adding your video
  1. Record a video of yourself performing a children's song or rhyme in any world language
  2. Upload the video to Vimeo (you will need a free account)
  3. In the title, include the name of the song or rhyme and the language in which it's performed
  4. In the description, include the lyrics or the URL of an online source for the lyrics, if one is known
  5. Tag your video with this tag: embracingdiversity
  6. Wait for the channel moderator to add your video to the channel (this may take a week or two)

In your video, tell us where you grew up and a bit about the song, as in this example and this example.

Please note that we are unable to provide technical support for videorecording or uploading, and we are not responsible for the accuracy or appropriateness of video contributions or comments on videos.

Thank you for sharing your songs and rhymes!