Summer Reading Club Challenges

Get creative! Each week, we will post a new Weekly Challenge to our Summer Reading Club page. Highlighted entries will be shared on this page. For your chance to be featured, please submit your Weekly Challenge entries to by Sunday each week.

Two dogs drive a spacecraft and the words Explore our universe, Summer Reading Club 2020

The Week’s Challenge


Discovery Challenge: Find out the name of a bird, insect, or plant in your neighbourhood. Tell us about it or send a picture! Send your entry to by Sunday, August 9, for a chance to have it featured here!

Highlights from Previous Weeks

Cooking Challenge: Ask an adult to help you bake or cook a favourite meal. Send us a photo of your creation or even send us the recipe! YUM!

By Sriroopa & Srikrishna (and their father)

Continue the Story Challenge: Send us an email continuing this story. "There once was a dog named Rover who slept in a small house in the backyard. One night, when Rover woke they saw something strange."

"There once was a dog named Rover, who slept in a small house in the backyard. One night, when Rover woke up, he saw a strange figure walking towards him. Rover got scared, he had nowhere to run. Then he realized it was his owner’s friend Tim.

Tim was sad because he was lost and did not know where his house was. Tim started to cry. Then Rover got the scent of where Tim’s house was, and it was a good thing Rover was a pointer dog. He took him safely to his home.

By Azlan

True Story Challenge: Call or video chat with a relative or family friend. Ask them to tell you a story about when they were your age. Draw us a picture of your favourite part of their story.

“My elder cousin told me a story; here’s how it goes! My cousin had lots of exams to write. My family had come over to her house so she got really excited and studied the wrong subject! The day of the exam, she realized what happened but she still got really good marks. The morale, though, is to study really hard and be the best you can; mistakes happen and you should always learn from them!”

By Sriroopa

Teaching Challenge: What’s something you’re good at? Start teaching it to someone else and tell us what’s the most important thing about being a teacher!

“Teaching animal facts is important to me because then people can find new ways to protect animals. Teaching is important so that people and kids learn new things and also to get jobs.”

By Srikrishna

Imagination Challenge: An astronaut just came back from Outer Space and gave you a seed from Mars. Draw us a picture or describe what grew from the seed after you planted it.

An alien in a tomato

By Naomi

Joke Challenge: Library Staff have a great sense of humour. Send us your best knock knock or other kind of joke!

Two pickles fell out of a jar onto the floor. What did one say to the other?

Dill with it!

By Peighton