How do I make a donation?

Burnaby Public Library welcomes your donations of books and other materials. Learn how to donate in Chinese [PDF] and Korean [PDF]. 

The library accepts only items that are in excellent condition and of current interest. We are unable to accept items with loose bindings, marked pages or water damage, or that smell of mildew or mothballs. The library will accept up to two boxes or bags (maximum 20lbs total) of donations at one time.

Donations are accepted in person at the information desk of your local Burnaby Public Library branch. Due to space limitations, there are times when one or more of our branches cannot accept donations. Please call ahead to confirm.

The library reviews donations according to the same selection criteria applied to purchased materials, and reserves the right to accept or discard any materials received as donations. Donations not added to the collection may be sold at library book sale tables. Once received, donated materials are the exclusive property of Burnaby Public Library. Donations cannot be reviewed for whether or how they will be used by the library at the time of donation. 

Thank you for considering making a donation of books or other materials to Burnaby Public Library!

For more information on other types of donations, please visit our donations page.

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