Why a new catalogue?

The new catalogue brings several improvements:

  • "smart" searching ranks results by relevancy so titles on top are more likely to be what you are looking for.
  • "faceted" searching (limits in left margin that appear after a search) allows you to quickly filter your search results to items that are "In" at any branch, or to a specific format, or audience, or to new material only.
  • "Did you mean" feature makes suggestions for mistyped terms.
  • "Browse the shelf" feature allows you to virtually scroll through images of item covers on a shelf.
  • new titles lists are updated throughout the day
  • explore bestselller and awards lists with links to titles BPL owns.
  • social sharing layer option allow patrons at any Bibliocommons library to rate, comment on, review and share titles. This shared content is available at all participating libraries.
  • much more stable and functional ability to keep personal lists
  • ability to keep track of personal borrowing with optional "Recently Returned" feature.

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Concerns, questions or just want to give us feedback on the new catalogue? Contact us.