Creating a username

Why do I have to create a username?

A username is required because of the interactive features of the new catalogue. Your username is your "screen name" that identifies your comments, messages and public lists to other users. A username can also be easier to remember than a barcode and you can use it to log in. However, once your account is setup, you do not need to use your username to login but can continue to use your library barcode if you wish.

What should I use as a username?

We suggest that your username should not identify you. Any comments that you enter into the catalogue will be visible to others and may be indexed into Google or other search engines. See 'What about privacy and security' for more information.

Choose something that is easy to remember. (If you do forget it you can use your library barcode to log in and then you can see your username under 'Account Settings'.)

Username rules:

  • cannot contain numbers only so it cannot be your library barcode (although once registered you can use your library barcode to login).
  • must be unique in the Bibliocommons community of users. Patrons from other Internlink libraries must create a new username at Burnaby. (suggestion: add "_bpl" to your username from a neighbouring Bibliocommons library; so if you are "jane_reads" at VPL, try "jane_reads_bpl" here). You can, however, use the same barcode to login.
  • 24 characters or less
  • any combination of letters, numbers, and underscores (eg, good_reader_2011 or betty_at_bpl or burnaby_john7 or bc_peterm or go_canucks_go, etc)
  • cannot uses spaces, @, or other non-alphanumeric characters.
  • can be changed at any time: click on 'My Settings' link top right and enter a new username in the 'Username' box.

Can I change my username?

You can change your username at any time. Simply click on 'My Settings' on the top right of the screen of the screen after you have logged in and you will see the 'Username' text box where a change can be made.

Do you require an email address?

An email address is not required to use the new catalogue.

Why do you need my birthdate?

A birthdate is only required to identify anyone 12 and under as different privacy rules apply to our youngest patrons. We usually have your birthdate on record already.

Display of birth month/year occurs only over an encrypted Internet connection using HTTPS and SSL.

Terms of Use.

You will have to read and then accept the terms of use. See 'What about privacy and security' for more information on Bibliocommons and your privacy.

Confirming e-mail:

After you complete the registration Bibliocommons will send a confirming email to complete the process. It will look like this:

From: BPL [mailto:do-not-reply [at]]
Sent: June-05-17 12:17 PM
To: You
Subject: Burnaby Public Library Registration


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