Transferring My Lists from old catalogue

It is possible to transfer the titles on your 'My List' in our old catalogue to 'My Shelves' in the new catalogue.

This transfer can only be done one time and is not reversible. Do not continue to add titles to My List in the old catalogue after you have done the transfer. Note: transferring titles can only be done once.

How to transfer My List to the new catalogue:

  • sign into the old catalogue
  • make a copy of your My List (print out or email it) as a back-up
  • sign into the new catalogue and mouse over 'My BPL'
  • click on the 'For later' link under 'My Shelves'
  • click on the link to 'Import List Items' (see screenshot below; you will only see this link if you have not already done an import)
  • your imported list may take several minutes to appear
  • please note that titles added to your My Shelves will be visible to others unless you change your privacy settings. See What about privacy and security?
  • we suggest that after you see the imported titles in the new catalogue that you go to the old catalogue and delete your My List titles (as a reminder to yourself to use the new catalogue for your lists).