• You can enter an author's name, words from the title, or a subject term. For example: "Orwell farm," or "Atwood," or "Adobe Photoshop."
  • Some formats, languages or audiences can be entered as terms in your search: e.g., "new movies," "chinese dvds," "french books for adults."
  • Author and subject searches have an auto-suggest feature: pause when typing to view.
  • "Did you mean" feature makes suggestions for mistyped terms.
  • You can apply "facets" or limits to your search results (boxes in left margin) to narrow down your results. These limits are easily removed, so you can back out and return to earlier results.
  • "Browse the shelf" feature allows you to virtually scroll through images of item covers on a shelf.
  • Explore bestselller and awards lists with links to titles BPL owns.
  • Our Children's picturebook and fiction indexes can be searched using either Keyword or Subject search. At the moment, however, the children's picture-book and fiction indexes are best searched using advanced search in the classic catalogue.

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