Reviews, ratings and other user added content

The number of libraries using Bibliocommons continues to grow (Vancouver, Seattle, Edmonton, Ottawa, Boston and others) and this community of users is generating a growing commentary on the library's collection.

Of course opinions will vary but most of us are interested in what other people find interesting or worthwhile, and have benefited from suggestions from others in the past. Bibliocommons makes these non-traditional 'discovery paths' a part of the library catalogue experience.

Bibliocommons allows you to:

  • review or comment on titles
  • rate titles
  • create recommended lists
  • suggest similar titles
  • add tags to titles
  • keep 'Shelves' of past, present or future titles of interest, and share them with others
  • follow and receive recommendations from users whose taste you enjoy
  • ignore users whose comments you'd prefer not to view
  • send and receive messages from other users (must be 13 or older to use this feature)

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