Recently returned: your borrowing history

A question we are frequently asked is, 'How can I find a list of what I borrowed?' Due to privacy concerns this is information that we've never kept in our system (unless there is a fine or other block on an item).

Our new catalogue allows you to choose to keep a list of titles you've recently borrowed.

Here's how it works: It will only track this information if you 'opt in' and you won't be able to see any borrowed items on this list until you turn this on. If you turn it off all items will be removed from the list. Items on the list will only be kept for one year. The information on your Recently Returned list is not visible to others. The data is stored on our servers in Burnaby, not on Bibliocommons servers.

How to activate your Recently Returned list:

  • login and mouse over the 'My BPL' tab
  • click on Privacy under My Account.
  • check the 'Enable Recently Returned' box
  • click on 'Save'

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