What about privacy and security?

PL values your privacy. Bibliocommons gives you a choice about contributing content to our catalogue, such as compiling recommended lists that you can share with others. However your borrowing will remain private and only content that you choose to share will be made public.

Bibliocommons, which is based in Toronto, does not store your address, phone number, or day of birth. When you register your account in the new catalogue, Bibliocommons records your library card number, username, birth month and year, and email address. When you register you agree to the terms of use and privacy statement for Bibliocommons. For further details about the hosting of Bibliocommons data click here.

Privacy suggestions

It is up to you how much you want to share with other users of the new catalogue. Any content you share will be linked to your username and for this reason we recommend that you create a username that does not identify who you are.

By default your comments, reviews, lists, and shelves, are visible to others unless you choose to make them private. Of course the new catalogue becomes more interesting when content from hundreds of thousands of users is added. However not everyone will want to share everything or even anything at all.

If you do not wish anyone else to see your comments or titles on your My Shelves, you can make them private by logging into Bibliocommons, then clicking on your username on the top right, this will drop down a menu (see image below). Then click on 'My Settings':

Privacy settings

You will then see a menu on the left margin with a 'Privacy' section. You can click on 'My Shelves' and 'My Feeds' and adjust your privacy settings. It is also possible to leave a shelf open to public view, but exclude individual titles. There is also an option to make your My Lists private when you create a new list.


All patron information in the new catalogue is transmitted securely using standard HTTPS and SSL. This ensures all data that is passed is encrypted, and the server that receives the data is securely identified.

Protected pages include the login box on the main catalogue page, all login popups, as well as the My BPL login page.

Locked accounts

If login to an account is attempted and fails three times in a minute, the account will be locked for an hour.