My shelves and my lists

My Shelves

  • similar to 'My List' in our old catalogue, My Shelves is a place for you to keep a list of titles you want to borrow in the future, or to track what you've already read, watched or listened to.
  • by default everything added here is available for others to see. If you want to keep My Shelves private, click the three checkboxes under My BPL > My Account > Privacy.
  • Note: it is possible to setup your profile to automatically keep a list of items you have recently returned. See Recently returned: your borrowing history.
  • at the moment it is only possible to move titles in "My Shelves" one at a time (eg, from 'for later' to 'completed'); we are told the ability to move in batches is on Bibliocommons enhancement list.
  • Any item you add to one of your shelves remains there until you remove it, even if we no longer own the title. There is no limit to the amount of titles you can add to "My Shelves".

My Lists

  • intent of My Lists is to create lists you believe will be of interest to others.
  • examples could be, 'My favourite films', 'Best reads of 2010', 'Books my 10 year old loved'.
  • up to 32 titles can be added to a List.

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