Getting started with CareerAim

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CareerAim allows you to search thousands of job opportunities across Canada by job title or description, geographic location, company and industry. More than 250,000 new jobs are added each month.

Getting started

The CareerAim landing page asks for a login name and password. To search job postings right away without setting up an account, leave both fields blank and click "job search":

CareerAim login

Creating an account will allow you to save searches for later and set up job alerts. To create an account, click the "create a full feature account" link. You'll be presented with a form that asks you to choose a username and password. You'll also be asked for an email address.

When you're finished using CareerAim, please log out using the "logout" link located at top right. CareerAim is limited to two simultaneous users only, and logging out ensures the resource is available for the next patron.

Basic search

The basic search form at the top of the CareerAim job search page allows you to search postings by job title or description. You can narrow your results to jobs in the Vancouver area, in BC, or in other provinces or regions using the drop-down to the right of the search box:

CareerAim basic search

Advanced search

The advanced search allows you to add or exclude additional search terms. Click the "add search terms" link to reveal additional fields, then enter words or phrases to include or exclude from the results. For example:

CareerAim advanced search

The advanced search also allows you to add geographic locations, and limit results by date posted and by industry or organization. To limit by industry or organization, select one of the two options under "source," then select industries or organizations from the drop-down menu:

Career Aim limiting by source

The advanced search also allows you to narrow your search by date posted and select a sort order for search results. When you're satisfied with your selections, click the "job search" button to perform the search.

Saving searches

Saving searches and setting up job alerts requires a CareerAim full-feature account. From the CareerAim landing page, click the "create a full feature account" link:

CareerAim account setup

You'll be presented with a form that asks you to choose a username and password. You'll also be asked for an email address to receive job alerts.

Each time you perform a search while logged in with your CareerAim account, you'll see a "save search and create job alert" link located at the top of your search results. Clicking that link will take you to a page where you can name and save your search.

The option to receive alerts is selected for you automatically. You can deselect that option if you prefer, or leave it to receive alerts by email. Click "save" to save your search:

CareerAim saved search

Managing job alerts

Setting up job alerts require a CareerAim account, and at least one saved search. To create an account and save a search, follow the instructions for saving searches above.

Email alerts are automatically sent each day of the week. To receive alerts less frequently, or to cancel alerts, select "Manage job alerts" from the CareerAim navigation menu (located in the left sidebar). You'll be presented with a page that allows you to select which days of the week you'd like to receive alerts. To disable alerts altogether, deselect the "enable e-mail alerts for this search" option. When you're satisfied with the settings, click the "save changes" button:

CareerAim job alerts