Loan periods

You may have a maximum of 25 items per library card.

ItemLoan periodLimit per card
Books (not including speed reads or book club sets)4 weeks25 items
Pamphlets, paperbacks4 weeks25 items
Spoken word CDs and cassettes4 weeks25 items
Magazines2 weeks25 items
Speed reads1 week2 items
Speed views3 days2 items
Book club sets6 weeks2 sets
Compact discs4 weeks25 items
Videos4 weeks25 items
DVDs1 week
25 items
Downloadable e-books and audiobooksup to 3 weeks10 items
Curiosity Collection (Sphero SPRK+, Makey Makey, micro:bit)4 weeks1 item
Digital cameras, camcorders1 day1 item
Tripods1 day1 item
USB flash drives2 weeks1 item
Items borrowed from pop-up library branches4 weeks2 items

Borrowed items are due by closing on the day that they are due. Items returned after closing will be considered overdue.

Borrowing privileges are temporarily withheld when you:

  • owe the library more than $10
  • have an item overdue more than eight weeks