Library cards

Applying for a library card | Acceptable identification | Rights and responsibilities | Expired library cards and address check | Lost or stolen cards | Change of address or PIN | Barcodes on Mobile devicesBC One Card

Applying for a library card

Library cards are free to:

  • all people who live or own property in the City of Burnaby
  • all people who live within the InterLINK area
  • all people eligible for a BC OneCard

Others may obtain a library card for a fee.

Please apply at any branch of Burnaby Public Library. You will need identification. Children under the age of 16 must have their application forms signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Acceptable identification

All identification must be original documents – no photocopies are accepted. You must provide documentation that includes your name, signature and current address. If your driver's licence has both, that is the only ID you need.

If your identification does not have your current address, then you must provide acceptable signature ID plus acceptable address identification as follows:

Acceptable signature ID (with photograph if possible):

Acceptable street address documentation:

  • driver's licence
  • BCID
  • Canadian citizenship card
  • permanent resident card
  • passport
  • NEXUS card
  • credit card
  • bank card
  • vehicle insurance registration
  • BCAA card
  • CareCard
  • Pharmacare card
  • SIN card (if place for signature)
  • status Indian card
  • GoCard
  • driver's licence (current)
  • BC ID (current, check issue/expiry date)
  • envelope postmarked within one month
  • property tax bill (current)
  • hydro bill (current) (e-bill okay)
  • telephone bill (current) (e-bill okay)
  • vehicle insurance registration (current)

If you are a refugee, other forms of identification may be accepted such as:

For proof of identity, one of the following:For proof of address,  one of the following:
  • passport from another country
  • Single Journey Travel Document from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
  • permanent resident card
  • Refugee Claimant Document (Consideration of Eligibility)
  • temporary resident permit
  • cell phone bill or cable bill
  • debit or credit card from a Canadian bank
  • letter from a settlement agency
  • tenancy agreement

Library card holders' rights and responsibilities

You can use your library card at any branch of Burnaby Public Library or any InterLINK library once you have registered it there. You are responsible for all the materials borrowed on your card and for any charges on items that are overdue, lost or damaged. (See loan periods and fines for details.) Your library card provides Internet access in the library and personal access to licensed databases from outside the library. You may also look at our catalogue from home over the Internet, and access your account to place requests, keep lists and renew items.

Expired library cards and address check

New adult library cards do not expire (except for tourist or subscription cards). Children's library cards expire on the child's 16th birthday. Library cards that expired before January 1, 2010 may be renewed in person at any branch of Burnaby Public Library, or by phone.

Every three years, you will be asked to confirm your address. If your address has changed, you may be asked for verification. If you do not have proof of your new address, you may be asked for proof of address on your next visit to the library.

Lost or stolen cards

If you lose your library card, you are responsible for any items checked out on your card.You must report it as lost immediately to any branch of BPL and we will block the card so that no one can use it. There is a small charge to replace a lost card.

Change of address or PIN

It is important for us to have your current information. If you change your address or other personal information, contact any branch of BPL and we will update your record. You may change your PIN number to any four-digit number. Log in to your account, click on "My Settings" at top right, and change your PIN using the form towards the bottom of the page. When you're finished, click "Save."

Library barcodes on mobile devices

We will accept library barcodes on smartphones or other mobile devices. BPL's mobile app will generate a barcode on your mobile device, and this can be used to check out material. (At the moment the self-checkout at Tommy Douglas is not able to read mobile device screens.)

Please note that the security of the digital card on your phone is your responsibility.

BC OneCard

Are you a BC resident travelling in the province? Bring acceptable ID along with your home public library card and you can obtain a BC OneCard at any public library in the province. (You will have to register at each library you wish to use.) BC OneCard holders may borrow up to 10 items at a time at the Burnaby Public Library. Only five at a time can be from any one of these types of material:

  • adult books
  • children's books
  • ESL material and books with CDs or DVDs
  • spoken word cassettes or CDs
  • music CDs

You cannot borrow any of these types of material:

  • DVDs
  • Videos
  • CD-ROMs
  • reference material
  • children's seasonal books
  • two-week-loan books
  • downloadable e-books and audiobooks
  • e-readers

As a BC OneCard holder, you can return materials to BPL, your home library or to any public library in BC. Any charges that you incur at BPL should be paid at BPL. You can use the Internet with your BC OneCard. You cannot make requests, renewals, interlibrary loans, or access databases.

Your BC OneCard expires after one year.