Late charges and other fees

Fines and damaged materials

It is the library's responsibility to optimize access to library materials. Library materials are available free of charge as long as they are returned on time. Fines are charged on library materials to encourage their prompt return and thereby make them available to other interested readers.

ItemFines – adult materialFines – children/teen material
Books (not including speed reads or book club sets)30¢ per day, $10 max10¢ per day, $1 max
Pamphlets, paperbacks30¢ per day, $3 max10¢ per day, $1 max
Spoken word CDs and cassettes30¢ per day, $10 max10¢ per day, $1 max
Magazines30¢ per day, $3 max10¢ per day, $1 max
Speed reads$1 per day, $10 maxN/A
Speed views$1 per day, $10 max$1 per day, $10 max
Book club sets$1 per day, $20 maxN/A
E-readers$1 per day, $20 maxN/A
Compact discs30¢ per day, $10 max10¢ per day, $1 max
Videos30¢ per day, $10 max10¢ per day, $1 max
DVDs30¢ per day, $10 max30¢ per day, $10 max
Curiosity Collection (Sphero SPRK+, Makey Makey, micro:bit)$1 per day, $10 max$1 per day, $10 max
Energy meters$1 per day, $10 maxN/A
Digital cameras, camcorders & tripods$1 per day, $20 maxN/A
USB flash drives$1 per day, $20 maxN/A
Lost library card$2 replacement$1 replacement

Should you lose a library item there will be a charge for the value of the item. For catalogued library items there will an additional processing fee. Charges for damage to a library item vary according to the extent of the damage; for example, a $1 charge will be apply if a library barcode label is damaged or lost.

Borrowing privileges are temporarily withheld when you:

owe the library more than $10
have an item overdue more than eight weeks

NSF Cheques

A charge of $30 will be applied to all dishonoured cheques.