English as a second language


Interactive online language courses available from home and on your mobile device. Mango focuses on everyday, common conversations to enhance vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and cultural understanding. Choose from among more than 40 languages, plus ESL courses for speakers of 15 different languages. Download our instruction guide [PDF]. Mango Languages can be accessed on a mobile device – see our Mobile and Apps section for details.


In the library and at home with your BPL card.

Road to IELTS is a comprehensive online preparation course developed by the British Council. The program includes more than 300 interactive activities with instant feedback, plus video tutorials and mock papers. Suitable for English language learners preparing for the IELTS exam, or simply interested in practicing their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.


In the library and at home with your BPL card. Limited to three concurrent users.

Tense Buster courses are designed for English language learners at five levels, from beginner to advanced. Includes presentations, exercises, tests and tips to help students improve their reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary and grammar skills. Students learn how to ask questions, make comparisons, and report on what they've heard, in addition to learning how to describe past, present and future events.


In the library and at home with your BPL card. Limited to three concurrent users.

Recommended websites

ESL classes | Learning activities

ESL classes

English Language Services for Adults (ELSA) provides basic- and intermediate-level English training for adult newcomers to Canada. Use their online directory to find a program.

Vancouver Community College has a wide range of ESL classes, including outreach classes and ESL learning centres in libraries which provide free one-on-one and small group tutoring in ESL to adults. Each learning centre has various operating hours and is staffed by experienced instructional assistants with ESL training.

Learning activities

The British Broadcasting Corporation Learning English site has lessons in general and business English, news stories with grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation exercises , quizzes and the fun animated series “Flatmates”.

This site for learners of English is written by two ESL teachers.There are quizzes, word games, word puzzles, proverbs, slang expressions, anagrams, a random-sentence generator and other computer assisted language learning activities.

This is an American English Dictionary for ESL, EFL, and TOEFL Students.

The Purdue University online writing lab provides ESL and academic writing resources.

Listen to English for everyday conversations and conversations for academic purposes.

The English Club provides online English lessons and interactive forums and games.

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